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Available now. Visit Collins Bookstore, Summer Street, Orange NSW, The Book Nest, Mudgee. The Book Connection, Dubbo.  Mallee Hen Store and the Information Centre Wellington.


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There is nothing like hearing something first hand and Kate's thorough research over twenty years for Convicts, Capitalists and Corruption has uncovered many incredible journeys. There are the stories of the Aborigines, convicts, missionaries, merchants and the settlers of the early 19th century that she is keen to share. Kate's talks are guaranteed to entertain and educate as she describes the contents of her book. There will be detailed accounts and anecdotes as she outlines the beautiful paintings of the colony's masters and maps drawn by the crown's surveyors of the time.

Kate is available for book and Australian history talks for groups of all ages. Enquire here

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Community and school groups, guest speaker events, book signings. Enquire here

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